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Positive self-esteem in children

“You have the power to become what you want to be. Raise your expectations and find out that you will become whatever you can think of, whatever it is. ” Wayne W. Dyer Self-esteem is essential for psychological survival. It is the concept that we have of our worth and is based on all the thoughts, feelings, sensations and experiences that we have been collecting about ourselves during our life; we think we are smart or dumb; we feel unfriendly or funny; We like it or not.
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The Blood-brain Barrier (BHE), characteristics and function

The Blood-brain Barrier (BHE) The blood-brain barrier (BHE) is a system of protection against the entry of foreign substances formed by endothelial cells that line the capillaries of the brain. Functions of the Blood-brain Barrier It is used to control and restrict the passage of toxic substances between blood circulation and cerebral fluid.
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Fall off the scaffold

OMG! That poor man has fallen off the scaffold while working ... or not? Solution It seems to be a drawing made with chalk with 3D effect. Performed by Julian Beeber.
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Video about amaxophobia or the fear of driving Amaxophobia is a type of fear in which a person develops an unreasonable fear of suffering an accident or even death while driving a vehicle or even if he only travels in it. These people always try to avoid getting into a car as part of their routine either to go to a friend's house or to work.
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What is fetal suffering and its neurological consequences

The term fetal distress describes the complications during labor and delivery that occur when an unborn baby is not receiving enough oxygen and nutrients through the maternal placenta. Because oxygen deprivation or asphyxiation at birth can have devastating consequences, including cerebral palsy.
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