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Looking in the mirror: a heroic act

Looking in the mirror: a heroic act

In my opinion, and I say it with knowledge of cause because it is a very personal experience, I consider that looking in the mirror is a heroic act.

After a long time, and in an act of courage that surprises me myself, I have seen each other again in the mirror.

And I mean VERME, not looking at me while I shave, or see what it is that has gotten in my eye, if I have impeccably clean teeth, or if I would need to cut my hair again.

SEE ME. Look me straight in the eye, without haste, without judgments, with all the attention, and not look down in shame or avoid it cowardly.

SEE to that who has accompanied me since my birth and has followed me in each and every one of the changes - physical and mental - and not to avoid him, not to deviate urgently as in the casual looks with which sometimes - without wanting it - I find myself .

It is a hard exercise.

We all have something to reproach ourselves, something to regret, or something to be ashamed of.

We all feel guilty about something.

On most occasions we come to accept ourselves - because there is no other choice ... - in those aspects in which we do not like each other, but we almost always lack comprehensive and unconditional acceptance.

We lack the understanding and admission of the imperfection that the fact of being human implies, and we like each other in isolated aspects but we are not able to put a 10 in the global set. Not even a 9. Not an 8.

I have already written it: SEE in the mirror - not just looking at each other - keeping his eyes a few minutes and not emitting a reproach, or a string of them, is little less than impossible.

Immediately the malquencias and the judgments of different caliber appear that we have reserved.

It is so difficult to love each other in "imperfections"!

So hard to feel proud of yourself despite the "mistakes"!

That is: We are so unfair ...!

I do not know why so many people drag a feeling of anger towards ourselves for what we did not do "well", for what we did not know how to solve correctly, for that answer, for enduring so much without rebelling ... each one has his reasons. And we share almost all the same dissatisfaction because we have not achieved perfection in every moment of our lives. And we also share the difficulty in forgiving ourselves.

To forgive is to admit that we are human, to accept what has happened - whatever it is - and to welcome us - without judgment and without reproach - as we are today and with what there is.

Now, today, I look at myself and feel calm when I see myself. I accept myself. But not with resignation, but with understanding. And with thanks.

I have always done things with good will, although I have not always been right with my decisions. It is what it is. It is what has happened. It is what I have. It is what I have been and what I am being.

Another thing is that my will, at this time, is to be attentive to achieve a cordial relationship, at least, with aspirations to be good in the short term, and with the ultimate goal of becoming excellent.

Another thing is that my purpose is always on the lookout for the opportunity to manifest my love, my care, my acceptance - in good and evil, in health and in illness, until death separates me from me ... - , and that little by little I dare to smile at myself, to look at myself for a longer time and with serenity, to send me silent messages of love, to thank me for the good that he has done for me, to recognize my good things in his right measure, and that be able to hug in front of the mirror and that vision does not wake me up a sense of ridicule, but that of a beautiful image of tenderness.

I recommend the experience if you think you have enough preparation. If you don't look too strong, start with a few seconds.

Of course, it is an indispensable, non-negotiable, unavoidable condition, that you do it from love and from the desire for an unconditional reconciliation with the part of you that does not accept you at all, that it be with authentic love - yes, it is possible -, being Comprehensive, being kind to you, and that you present yourself with the proposal of a pact that will take you - to you and to that critical part that does not tolerate some things that, of course, you will try to solve - to a harmonious coexistence and a rest of life kind and loving.

I leave you with your reflections ...

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